Nuudies Pre-Rolls


  • The Art of Smoking
  • Variety of Flavours
  • Premium Quality
  • H4-CBD

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Indulge in pure pleasure with Nuudies Pre-Rolls

Experience intense pleasures with NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls, a collection of four tantalising flavours carefully selected to elevate intimate moments; Packaged in a stylish reusable travel case, each pre-roll is infused with a blend of H4CBD and carefully selected botanicals, providing a unique and sensual experience;

Nuudies Pre-Rolls are carefully crafted, representing the art of smoking; Each cigarette is expertly hand-rolled, ensuring an even burn and a smooth, delicious smoking experience; Indulge in the magic of a handmade cigarette, with passion and dedication;

Variety of flavours to suit all tastes

Enjoy a variety of distinct flavours that will captivate your senses; From mild to bold flavours, Nuudies offers a selection to suit every palate; Each Pre-Roll is a sensory journey, providing a unique experience with every smoke;

Indulge in the aromas of Cosmo Lavender, Rose Petal, Blue Lotus and Cupid’s Blend, all designed to awaken passion and connection; These Pre-Rolls are the perfect companion to explore new depths of intimacy and pleasure;

Meet the flavours:

Each NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Roll flavour is meticulously crafted to deliver a unique experience, allowing you to tailor your journey to your desires; Whether you’re looking for relaxation, romance, exploration or passion, our pre-rolls are a gateway to a world of possibilities;

Lavender Cosmo Pre-wrap

Indulge in the calming embrace of Lavender Cosmo, where the soothing properties of lavender blend perfectly with the euphoric qualities of blue lotus; This pre-roll sets the stage for a serene and sensual experience, sharpening the senses and encouraging tranquillity; Perfect for unwinding after a long day or to set the mood for a romantic evening, Lavender Cosmo encourages relaxation and intimacy;

Pre-rolled rose petals

Elevate your sensual journey with the captivating allure of Rose Petal; The delicate scent of roses is complemented by the harmonious touch of blue lotus, enhancing passion and connection; This pre-roll is designed to ignite the flames of desire, creating an atmosphere of romance and intimacy; Let Rose Petal accompany you in moments of intimacy, enriching your connection with yourself or your partner;

Pre-roll Blue Lotus

Embrace the mystical allure of Blue Lotus, an enchanting pre-roll that invites you to explore the depths of your desires; With Blue Lotus as the main ingredient, this pre-roll promotes relaxation, intense sensations and a deeper connection with your inner self; Whether enjoyed solo or as a couple, Blue Lotus fosters an atmosphere of exploration and self-discovery;

Cupid’s Blend Pre-Roll

Ignite the spark of passion with Cupid’s Blend, a pre-roll designed to awaken desire and prolong connection; The combination of Blue Lotus and Damiana creates a powerful synergy that promotes sensuality and arousal; Let Cupid’s Blend be your ally in elevating intimate moments, encouraging playfulness and exploration in the realm of pleasure;
Superior quality, unforgettable moments

With Nuudies Pre-Rolls, quality is our priority; Using only the finest flowers and sustainable growing techniques, each cigarette offers superior quality that is reflected in taste, aroma and pleasure; Enjoy unforgettable moments with Nuudies;

FAQ’S Frequently Asked Questions


What is NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls?

NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls are a selection of four different flavours, each infused with H4CBD and botanical ingredients; these pre-rolls are designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure in a comfortable and discreet way;

How do I use NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls?

Simply light and inhale the aromatic smoke for a sensual experience; Let the seductive flavours and aromas set the mood and elevate your intimate moments;

Are these pre-rolls safe?

Yes, NUUD Pleasures Sex pre-rolls are carefully manufactured using natural ingredients, including H4CBD and plants; As with any product, responsible and moderate consumption is advised;

What is H4-CBD?

H4-CBD, also known as hydrogenated CBD or hexahydrocannabidiol, is a semi-synthetic form of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found naturally in the cannabis plant;
This hydrogenated version of CBD is produced in the laboratory by adding hydrogen atoms to a CBD molecule;

What is the difference between H4-CBD and CBD?

H4-CBD is different from CBD in terms of chemical composition and potency of effects; CBD has a low affinity for the CB1 receptor; therefore it provides moderate effects; H4-CBD has a higher affinity for this CB1 receptor and provides more potent effects; we could call it “super CBD”;

Is H4-CBD stronger than CBD?

H4CBD and conventional CBD share many similarities, but they are not the same molecule; CBD and H4CBD come from hemp, but H4CBD goes through a synthetic chemical process to reach its final form; A 2006 study (in England) found that H4-CBD binds to CB1 receptors in the brain up to 100 times more than regular CBD; Compared to CBD, H4-CBD has a much stronger relaxing effect and is more effective in relieving various symptoms of stress, anxiety and various types of chronic pain;

Are these Pre-Rolls legal?

Yes, NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls are carefully designed to meet legal requirements, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for adult users;

Key features:

  • Smoking art: Each Nuudie is a work of art, providing a handcrafted smoking experience.
  • Variety of flavours: Explore a range of different flavours, creating a unique sensory journey.
  • Premium Quality: Using high quality flowers, we guarantee a smoking experience that takes pleasure to new heights.
  • Ingredients: Lavender Cosmo: H4CBD, Lavender, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes. Rose Petal: H4CBD, Rose, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes. Blue Lotus: H4CBD, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes. Cupid’s Blend: H4CBD, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes.


  • Recommended dose: 5 to 7 Puffs
  • Feels effect: 5 to 10 minutes after puffs
  • Duration of effect: 4 to 5 hours

Brand: NUUD