• Aphrodisiac fragrance:
  • Male Stimulation:
  • Unique Sensory Experience
  • H2-CBD

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Discover the Aphrodisiac Charm with Vape

Our carefully selected range of high quality Vapordisiac HHC Vapes aims to enhance intimacy and passion, providing you and your partner with a unique and unforgettable experience; Discover the perfect blend of natural and high quality HHC aphrodisiacs that cater to a wide range of preferences; Delight in the rich flavours, seductive aromas and invigorating effects that our HHC Aphrodisiac Vapes have to offer; Explore our wide variety of options to find the right Vapordisiac Vape for you and open the door to a world of greater pleasure and connection;

Vapordisiac HHC Vapes with H4-CBD also known as Super CBD in a disposable Vape Pen version with a 300 puff capacity, a vaporizer that uses capsules pre-filled with H4-BCD in a variety of flavours;
The cartridges are equipped with a CCELL ceramic heating element system for excellent performance and heating;
Super relaxing sensation for immediate relief from stress and anxiety;

Let yourself be enveloped by seduction and stimulate your senses with Vape Aphrodisiac for Women; This unique blend is more than a vaporizer; It is a sensory experience that awakens passion and intimacy; Discover how this vape can take your most intimate moments to new heights of pleasure;

A captivating blend

Vape combines sweet warmth and soothing softness, creating an aphrodisiac fragrance that awakens sensuality; each spray is an aromatic journey that transforms your space into a sanctuary of pleasure and relaxation;

Aphrodisiac stimulation: awaken passion

This vape is not just a fragrance; it is an invitation to passion; The blend of carefully selected ingredients acts as a male aphrodisiac, stimulating your senses and creating an intimate and enveloping atmosphere; It allows you to enter into a state of arousal and deeper connection;

Unique sensory experience: for men who are looking for more

Vape Aphrodisiac has been specifically designed for men who want more from their intimate life; Its unique, masculine formula stands out for its ability to create a unique sensory experience, awakening desire and sensuality; Turn your everyday moments into special occasions;

FAQ’S Frequently Asked Questions


Does Vape Afrosiaco have the same effect as THC?

It is not THC, however, it produces similar effects, and creates a euphoric or relaxing effect depending on the physical and psychological state of the user; those looking for the relaxing benefits of cbd should opt for the super cbd known as H4-CBD;

Is vaping legal?

Yes, because Vape Afrodisiaco is derived from Hemp, not THC: vapes, gums, flowers or resins are perfectly legal, as long as the THC content is kept below 0.2% in the European Union; In conclusion, Vape is not THC and should be used with caution. HHC is recreational; It is highly advisable not to drive if you consume Vape; Ideally, keep consumption at home or at a party with friends;

What is H4-CBD?

H4-CBD, also known as hydrogenated CBD or hexahydrocannabidiol, is a semi-synthetic form of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found naturally in the cannabis plant;
This hydrogenated version of CBD is produced in the laboratory by adding hydrogen atoms to a CBD molecule;

What is the difference between H4-CBD and CBD?

H4-CBD is different from CBD in terms of chemical composition and potency of effects; CBD has a low affinity for the CB1 receptor; therefore it provides moderate effects; H4-CBD has a higher affinity for this CB1 receptor and provides more potent effects; we could call it “super CBD”;

Is H4-CBD stronger than CBD?

H4CBD and conventional CBD share many similarities, but they are not the same molecule; CBD and H4CBD come from hemp, but H4CBD goes through a synthetic chemical process to reach its final form; A 2006 study (in England) found that H4-CBD binds to CB1 receptors in the brain up to 100 times more than regular CBD; Compared to CBD, H4-CBD has a much stronger relaxing effect and is more effective in relieving various symptoms of stress, anxiety and various types of chronic pain;

Is this vape safe for daily use?

Yes, Vape Aphrodisiac is safe for daily use; the fragrance is smooth and enveloping, providing a pleasant experience whenever you want it;

What is the difference between this fragrance and others on the market?

The unique combination sets this vape apart, creating an aphrodisiac fragrance that stimulates passion and sensuality in a unique way;

Key features:

  • Aphrodisiac fragrance:The blend stimulates passion and sensuality.
  • Male stimulation: Awaken your senses and enter a state of arousal and deeper connection.
  • Unique sensory experience: Designed for women who are looking for more in their intimate life.
  • Ingredients:Our product’s enticing blend comes from a harmonious blend of HHC, botanically derived terpenes, hexahydrothymol, trans-caryophyllene, (R)-(+)-limonene, linalool, 3-carene, alpha-pinene, eucalyptol, beta-pinene, beta-myrcene, geraniol, nerol, terpineol, fenchone, caryophyllene oxide, alpha-humulene and camphene.
  • Quantity: 300 puffs
  • These vapes contain H4-CBD, which has a much more intense relaxing effect than CBD, acting more effectively to relieve various symptoms caused by stress, anxiety and various types of chronic pain;
  • Type: H4-CBD
  • Hemp Derivative: Sim (CBD)
  • THC: 0%; TYPE: H4-CBD


  • Recommended dose: 3 to 5 Puffs
  • Feeling the effect: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Duration of effect: 4 to 5 hours

Brand: NUUD


Citrus Peppermint, Peach Vanilla, Watermelon Mint

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