Shunga Secret Garden


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Shunga Secret Garden

Shunga Secret Garden

Apply on the clitorital region by taking time to massage the tissue under the clitoris.

You will discover new sensations that may take you to the limits of female orgasm.

Certain women feel the effect immediately, others may take up to 3 applications (3 consecutive days.

Use it for your own pleasure or to reach new heights with your partner.

Ingredients: Aqua, glicerin, propilenoglicol, poliquatérnio-7, L-Arginina HCL, hidroxietil celulose, Damiana Extrat (Aphrodisiaca Extract Turnera), DMDM hidantoína, Benzoato de Sódio, Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita), Capsicum O. R., Vitamin E (tocoferol), Cítric acid.

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