Max Masturbador Lovense


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Max Masturbador Lovense

Max Masturbador Lovense is one of the first high tech male masturbators.

The air pumps mimic contractions and the vibrator sends subtle vibrations throughout the toy. Use the buttons on the toy or our app to change the air pump settings and adjust the tightness!

You’re also able to give long distance control to a partner, have long distance sex and sync with select VR Porn content!

Close Range Control – use your smartphone to adjust the air pump and vibration settings during solo play.

Long Distance Control – Our app enables a partner to take control from any distance.

Long Distance Sex – able to sync with Nora by LOVENSE over the internet- allowing LDR couples to experience be intimate.

– 2 air pumps that mimic contractions

– Vibrator with 3 settings

– Splashproof Exterior

– Skin-like TPE sleeve with textured interior

Our toys connect to your smartphone or computer, via bluetooth, to allow local wireless control. With an internet connection, you can experience:
1. Long Distance Control
2. Interactive Virtual Sex

Size: 23 cm long


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