CORrige A Cream


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CORrige A Cream

CORrige A Cream

It can be used both to delay ejaculation and to slightly anesthetize the anus, increasing the comfort of penetration.

Its properties decrease the excess of sensitivity of the penis, allowing you to control ejaculation and consequently prolong the sexual relations.
The soothing effect lets you enjoy anal penetration ( passive partner ) without pain, while helping the man to delay the ejaculation.

Anise aroma and neutral taste.

How to use:
As a retardant: 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse, apply directly to the penis (in the gland and frenum area), a quantity of cream equivalent to the size of a pea. Massage until completely absorbed.
As anal anesthetist: 5 minutes before intercourse, apply the cream to the anus zone. The effect of the cream is quite long lasting.

Compatible with condoms. However, you should wait until the product has completely absorbed.
Compatible with oral sex, since practiced about 10 minutes after application.

Each gram of cream contains: 0.08g of Benzocaine.

Quantity: 28ml.

Brand: Milan.

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