Bois Bande Muira Puama


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1 × Xtra Delay Serum Orgie

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Bois Bande Muira Puama

This world renowned bulge boosting product needs no introduction… but we’ll give it one anyway! This special liquid is enriched with Muira Puama and ginger roots which will boost your energy, give you extra strength and get you ready for action.

Unlike wonder pills and creams, this special liquid can be mixed in with any warm or cold drink, allowing it to work quickly and effectively.

Add just 1 – 2 teaspoons of Bois Bande in any drink, approximately 30 minutes before sex, will get you in the mood, increase your sexual energy and give you extra strength and stamina.

Packed with feel good ingredients like Muira Puama (a special bark originating from Africa well known for its remarkable stimulating effect) and ginger root (the perfect way to restore energy and vitality), you’ll not want to stop all night long!

Ingredients: Muira Puama Aqueous Extract, Ginger Roots Aqueous Extract, Glycerine, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate.

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